Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tim Dog-Fuck Compton

Artist: Tim Dog
Title: Fuck Compton
Label: Ruffhouse
Album: Penicillin on Wax
Catalog number: 692765
Year Released: 1991

The origins of the conflict between the two emerging hip hop forms in America was initiated in 1991 when East Coast based rapper Tim Dog released “Fuck Compton”, a derisive diss track aimed at N.W.A. and other Compton artists including Compton's Most Wanted and DJ Quik. Tim Dog calls out emerging west coast artists as he says “NWA ain't shit to me Dre beating on Dee from Pump it Up Step to the Dog and get fucked up “. The track sparked a rip wave in the hip hop scene which led to many responses from West Coast artists and criticisms from their hip hop fans due to the lack of respect. 

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