Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Notorious BIG- Who Shot Ya

Artist: Notorious BIG
Title: Who Shot Ya
Album: Ready to Die
Record Label: Bad Boy Records
Catalog Number: 285200
Year Released: 1994

This song was responsible for increasing tensions between Notorious BIG and 2pac, two major artists of Hip Hop that were involved in the rivalry. 2pac believed this particular song was directed as mockery to his robbery and shooting which occurred during a 1994 visit to a recording studio in New York. Biggie and Puff Daddy were only three floors above 2pac when the incident occurred, however they denied the accusations by 2pac that they were linked to the shootings on 2pac. As the song title insists Biggie continuously asks ‘who shot ya?’ making it appear that he was indirectly involved in 2pac’s shooting. 

Listen to a sample of the original version here

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