Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Puff Daddy- I'll be Missing You

Artist: Puff Daddy/Faith Evans
Title: I’ll be Missing You
Album: No Way Out
Record Label: Bad Boy Records
Catalog Number: 73012
Year Released: 1997

This track by Puff Daddy and Faith Evans was released after the death of Notorious BIG and was a conclusion to the 1990’s east coast-west coast hip hop rivalry. This song touched the hearts of Biggie’s supporters as the Rapper now turned legend was one of Hip Hop’s all time greats. As Puff Daddy said “Its like I feel empty inside without you bein here”, Hip Hop in general felt emptier after the fall of East Coast Hip Hop icon Notorious BIG. The unresolved deaths of 2pac and Notorious BIG altered the culture of hip hop, as it changed the way rap rivalries were both handled by artists and their fans. 

Listen to this track here

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